Areal Mapping Drone Services: See the big picture

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Aerial mapping services

Aerial mapping has become easy and accessible thanks to drones for aerial services. Drone mapping means the creation of maps using aerial photography images made by drones.

Aerial maps are used in many areas, such as land surveying and construction progress. Having the level of detail that aerial maps reveal allows better planning and, therefore, better project execution.

People inspecting a sight with a drone

Why aerial drone mapping?

Planning is often based on Google Earth maps. The major problem is that some of Google maps are a couple of years old and don’t reflect the current environment. Drone mapping provides an up-to-date map and real-time information on the state of the surrounding areas.

Drone mapping gives the ability to “see the big picture,” but the most crucial thing a drone is used for is to “save time.”

The uses of drone mapping are wide-reaching and allow capturing data a fraction of the time.
Drone mapping can be used to create an ortho-map, survey a section of undeveloped land, do infrastructure inspection, or build 3D models for real estate.

Areal Mapping Drone Services: See the big picture

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