How drones changed the construction industry

Jun 28, 2022

Today we often hear about them and see them everywhere. Whether capturing unique aerial
footage or just flying around a room, drones offer so many possibilities, especially in the world
of construction.

Drones started changing how the construction industry operates from topography mapping and
remote Monitoring to improved workplace safety; there are so many different ways we can
now use them.

Topographic Mapping and Land Surveys

When planning large-scale construction projects consulting topographic maps is vital.
Topographic maps are helpful but cost a lot and require a lot of time to produce. Therefore
maps are not consistently updated during the job start.

Using a drone made it possible to carry out topographic surveys of the same quality as the
highly accurate measurements collected by traditional methods, only in a fraction of the time.
This reduces the cost of a land survey and experts' workload in the field.

Total stations measure only individual points. A single drone flight will produce hundreds of
measurements that can be represented in different formats.

Equipment Tracking

Every project manager has faced this problem sometimes- it is easy to lose track of equipment
location at every job site.

With a drone, any manager may do a flyover and quickly find out if the equipment is where it
needs to be.

Increasing worksite safety

Using drones for job site inspection means a radical increase in worksite safety.
Aerial drone surveys the site for safety hazards before the work starts. This helps construction
companies to be entirely prepared for any challenges.

Faster transport

Using drones to transport goods lets companies perform heavy inspections and keep track of
everything entering and leaving the worksite. Not only do drones save time and money but
keep the site secure.
Drones are usually small with high levels of maneuverability; therefore, they are being used
more and more as an alternative to vehicles. Another important thing – drones don't have to
adhere to traffic laws, so they make deliveries a fraction of the time.

Accurate Surveillance

Drones can be at the same time, everywhere. They don't just keep workers safer and reduce
theft; they are a real-time monitoring system that several construction companies have already

Inspections and Maintenance

Maintenance inspections are expensive and a safety concern for workers when they need to
manually inspect dangerous structures like towers, bridges, and skyscrapers. The drone can
view the worksite from a high point and inspect unsafe areas that are difficult to reach.
They keep costs low and the workers safe at the same time.

Remote Monitoring and Progress Reports

Drones produce great aerial views and give clients a clear picture of the project's progression,
especially when they can't be physically present. This helps assure that their client's spend is
being utilized efficiently.

Drones can also improve internal collaboration for teams as they send information to
connected software during flyovers.

Engineers, construction managers, design teams, workers, and owners can all access the data at
the same time to follow the project and find any mistakes that may have occurred.


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