Drone 3D Modeling & Data Analysis: Powerful Tool For Insights

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Why use drones for 3D modeling?

Drone 3D modeling

Compared to helicopters and airplanes, drones are much more affordable for aerial photogrammetry.

The data that drones collect include altitudinal, longitudinal, and latitudinal measurements. This data is crucial for creating a correct 3D model of a subject. Thanks to 3D models, it’s possible to calculate area, volume, and distance both in and around the model.

Laptop with the preview of a 3D modeling service

Drone 3D modeling in many industries

Many industries use drone 3D models. Agriculture uses them to create orthomosaic maps of fields. Architecture and engineering companies use drone 3D models to create maps of their projects.

Public safety departments use drone 3D models to record evidence, map crime scenes or investigate fires.

They are also a powerful tool for monitoring the progress of a project in construction.

Analysing data provided by drones

Drone data analysis

Using drones makes it possible to compare different data sets and gather valuable insights over time. Drones make it easier for team members to connect with an interactive visual record of the project.

Drones provide accurate reports and give automated insights that save time and improve accuracy.

Drone data analysing on computer

Drone 3D Modeling & Data Analysis: Powerful Tool For Insights

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