Drone Inspections: Collect accurate data safely

Professional drone inspection service in numerous industries.
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Drone Inspection in numerous industries

Drone Inspection

Today drone inspections are performed in numerous industries that need visual inspections as a part of their maintenance procedures.

Companies use them to collect accurate data safely, which results in huge cost-savings and more informed decision-making.

Inspection drones are utilized across different industries like energy, construction, agriculture, public safety, mining, etc.
Drones safely inspect electrical equipment, cooler towers, solar panels, pressure equipment, and other infrastructure.

People inspecting a sight with a drone

Drones safely inspect:

Power lines

Wind towers

Solar panels

Pressure equipment

and other infrastructure.

The drones are equipped to avoid obstacles and navigate very close to structures. They can take high-resolution videos or images showing damage, cracks, or other defects at angles that humans can’t access.

Inspector will no longer need to climb the whole tower and look for areas that need maintenance. The drone’s camera acts as the inspector’s eyes during drone inspection. This way, visual data is collected and later reviewed in detail.

Drones conduct repeatable missions and ensure the data is consistent every time. A drone inspection provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution as it enables frequent checks to identify any problem right away.

orthomosaic map scanning of a construction sight

Drone Inspections: Collect accurate data safely

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