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Agriculture / Drone farming

Today farming looks very different than a few decades ago. New technologies allowed the farmers to optimize every part of their operations, from field monitoring and grow cycles to crop health.

A significant part of that transformation happened thanks to drones. With an agriculture drone, farmers get in-depth data analysis and valuable data that can be used to extract soil characteristics such as temperatures, elevation, and moisture.

Drones help farmers plan and troubleshoot irrigation systems with their sophisticated sensors. Sensors help with water flow management and monitor plant emergence.

Drone data is ideal for accurately reporting events that could lead to crop injury. They cover areas faster with real-time insights and are much more precise, using untraditional methods that are non-invasive to crops.

Agriculter drone over a field

Use of drones in agriculture for many reasons:

Drones monitor the best areas for growth by flying over a potential planting zone. They can be used to drop biodegradable pods filled with seeds into the ground.

• Agricultural drone spraying has become increasingly popular as it helps maintain crop health and yields. Drones are used for spraying for disease, pest control, and spreading fertilizers and pesticides. Drones can produce a 3D map that helps farmers make crucial decisions about seed-planting pattern design.

• Drone thermal sensors provide vital information and allow targeted diagnosis of areas that receive too little or too much water.

• Using drones for site inspection helps risk management and also allows farmers to prevent fraud.

Agriculture drone: Altitude Sight Drone Farming Solutions

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