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Drone bridge construction inspection

The traditional bridge inspection is time-consuming, complex, and costly. Inspections require specialized and high-priced equipment to allow the engineers to check the bridge’s underside. 

Common types are damage, hands-on, initial, underwater, and special inspections. Each type of inspection needs visual data collected with specialized gear and the naked eye.

When the inspector has to examine the sides or undercarriages of bridges, the team needs the use of cranes, heavy equipment, climbing equipment, artificial lighting, etc.

The inspection team is at risk while hanging over or being under bridges. Inspections are risky, and usually the bridge needs to be closed.

Engineer controlling a drone

Why use drone in bridge construction

Drone inspections don’t require closing the bridge and traffic. They remove the risks and can work under any type of weather conditions. They make it safer and easier to check the underside of the bridges while radically reducing the inspection cost and time. 

Drones equipped with thermal HD cameras and proximity sensors help engineers. They provide detailed images that experts use to discover defects and hot spots. 

Integrating the drone with drone inspection software in analytics and 3D imaging improves the potential to acquire a wide range of information and detect faults such as delamination, rust, or cracks. 3D models of the bridges help identify any defects and are valuable for future projects.

Drones over a bridge being constructed

Drone Bridge Construction Survey: Smart Solution from Altitudesight

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