Drone Construction inspection

Professional construction inspection by drones.
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Inspecting construction sights with drones

Drone construction inspection

Of all the industries that have adopted drone technology, construction is the largest.

Drone data is helping construction companies in many ways. Drones provide a whole picture of the construction site on-demand and within a few hours. Data is converted into 3D models and maps to assist project tracking and precise distance, elevations, and volumes. 

There are usually contractors, engineering companies, and many other subcontractors on a construction site. When many different teams are involved, deadlines are tight and need frequently-updated data to make decisions and align several stakeholders.

All the teams may access real-time aerial data, ideal for tracking progress and spotting mistakes early before they become costly. Drone data is collected safely and quickly, providing smooth communication and helping better decision-making.

Engineer inspecting a sight with drones

Why use drones in construction inspection

Drones don’t make mistakes that can occur with manual data collection. Using thermal cameras inspection of roofs or building façades becomes an easy job. A drone with a thermal camera will detect problems like an over-heating tank that could be missed with the naked eye. 

Drones can access hard-to-reach areas where hazardous materials are leaking or areas at risk of fire from flammable materials. Drones can be sent to any site considered too risky for sending people, which improves job-site safety. 

Deploying drones for construction saves money and is far more secure and efficient than traditional methods. 

Engineer inspecting a sight with drones

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