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Drones are revolutionizing the energy industry 

Energy industry sectors like solar, oil, and gas rely on inspections to keep safety standards effectively power the world. However, these types of assessments take large amounts of money and time. 

Drones flying overhead sites will identify any damages from wind turbines to solar panels as soon as possible, preventing potential problems. 

With all the information collected by drones, abnormalities can be quickly pinpointed, and progress will be monitored. Drones will help create orthomosaics, elevation data, and 3D maps.

As people are getting more educated on drone technology, they realize that drones are safer and faster inspection methods.

orthomosaic map scanning of a construction sight

More efficient than ever

Usually, operations such as gas facilities, remote oil fields, and solar inspections have been done by helicopters, planes, and professional climbers.

When it comes to inspections, consultants take up a lot of time to create a safety document and send specialized personnel to check out a bridge, turbine, or windmill. Using an Altitude sight drone service, these safety risks are eliminated.

A drone’s capacity to inspect areas hard to reach and save on cost and insurance help companies better control their properties and collect more accurate information.

With reduced inspection times, operators focus more on the data and understand their operations better.

There is no need to spend a vast sum of money and days looking at something that could be done with a drone in a few hours.

Power and Renewable Industries

Different energy industries that use drones

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Wind Energy Industy

Oil and Gas Industry

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