Power lines drone inspection

Professional power line drone inspection service.
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Drones are also useful when improving inspections on power lines at less risk and cost. A drone survey will quickly spot damage made by storm or overgrown vegetation and restore power as soon as possible. 

Previous to drones, industrial climbers or helicopters would have to perform inspections on power lines. This would put employees in danger, but it was also a slower and more expensive process. In contrast to placing inspectors in dangerous situations, drones are safer, quieter, and an eco-friendly alternative.

With the high-quality imagery that Altitude Sight provides, operators can assess the condition of power lines and prevent damage or potential outages.

Our drone performing a routine with pre-programmed waypoints will provide high-quality imagery from optimal perspectives and give operators a detailed analysis of any malfunctions.

Engineer letting go of a drone to scan cables

Power Lines Drone Inspections: Less Risk And Cost

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