Solar System Drone: Save Time And Cost For Solar Systems

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Drones can be used in several ways throughout the solar industry

Traditional solar farm surveying can take days, sometimes even weeks. An installer is piloting the drone from the ground and flying it up and around the house. The drone is taking a series of pictures for constructing a 3D computer model. The whole process is much safer and quicker using drones.

A common issue with solar panels is that when they overheat, they go offline. This usually happens cause of heavy levels of dust or mechanical issues like scratches. Another helpful drone feature is aerial thermal imaging. Thermal imaging is quite practical when identifying whether solar panels are dirty or damaged. Thermal drone imaging provides heat maps while detecting drops in energy outputs.

Enginner flying a drone over solar panels

How cand drones help?

Drones can be used for further steps in the residential solar installation process. For instance, drone footage helps installers monitor progress during installation, discover safety hazards, and provide aerial imaging.

Using drones brings many benefits to both homeowners and installers. For homeowners, the use of drones becomes a faster and more accurate solar process with the precision of 3D modeling.

For installers, the reduced time for surveying leads to a more significant number of finished projects and increased revenue. In addition, drones keep surveyors off roofs and create safer working conditions.

Drone flying over Solar panels

Solar System Drone: Save Time And Cost For Solar Systems

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