Wind energy drone inspections

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Drones are greate for wind energy sector

Drone inspections are of great use in the wind energy sector. According to statistics, by the beginning of 2021, almost 300,000 individual wind turbines were operating across the globe. This market is driven by the massive amount of blades that need to be constantly monitored for damage and deterioration.

Industrial climbers put themselves in hazardous working conditions when inspecting blades. It is pretty easy to get a detailed 1 mm per pixel quality image, and record pinpoint damage and assets depending on the drone equipment. That is a vital safety factor as workers don’t need to be sent out to risky places, and operators will receive data quickly and productively.

Enginner flying a drone over solar panels

A drone flying above a wind turbine site gathers information and images that will be used for mapping, monitoring, planning, and structural analysis. 

Drone visual inspections will detect conductor broken insulators or hot spots thanks to a thermal camera. UV cameras will see corona discharge or fluid ionized around an electrically charged conductor.

A drone can also be used to create 3D images so that operators and engineers can get a more detailed view of damage like erosion or cracks with no need to stop turbines from spinning.

Drone flying over Solar panels

Wind Energy Drone Inspections: Quick And Safe Solution

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