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How drones can be used in the Mining industry

Mining Inspection

Drones can be used in mining surveying, inventory management, hot spot detection, or stockpile estimation. 

Mine surveying by drones provides complete information about the sites before the mining project starts and documents progress visualizing changes on-site over time.

Drones can easily access hard-to-reach and highly-toxic areas to provide better insights for mine planning. Drones can detect hot spots in coal stockpiles to assess potential combustion areas and allow personnel to take preventive measures. 

Drones can aid blast planning, haul-route surface optimization, watershed management, and emergency response.

People inspecting a sight with a drone

Why Altitude Sight Drones

Altitude Sight drones are an excellent solution for surveying, terrain mapping, stockpile estimation, security, and surveillance of mining sites. 

Drones provide mining companies with an aerial perspective, reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

Altitude Sight drones are characterized by top-class endurance and range that help collect more data in fewer flights, which reduces the cost of operations. Our drones are completely autonomous and relay high-quality footage in real-time, which enables operators and experts to make quick and effective decisions. 

Mining Industry With Drone: Better Insights For Mine Planning

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