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Drone technology has found its use in the telecommunication industry

Cell towers are difficult to inspect as workers have to climb high-rise platforms, risk their lives and potentially disrupt tower performance. There is no need to endanger workers or cause downtime by using drones.

Drones capture high-resolution images and 4K videos in a few minutes. The video can be zoomed in to detect faults on towers or antennas easily. 

Thermal imagery FLIR camera identifies any energy loss or possible performance issues. Drones are also equipped with a high definition camera which captures beautiful aerial videos and photos you may use in other presentations. 

Drone over telecommunication tower

Why use drones in telecommunication industries

Drones reduce the need for employees to climb high tension arrays, towers, and service poles to perform routine inspections. 

Altitude Sight drones help operators quickly identify and verify equipment specifications or damage, thereby allowing a more proactive approach to repair and maintenance.

Engineer letting go of a drone to scan cables

Telecommunication Drone Industry: Perfect Service – Altitudesight

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